The Notary Shoppe has six locations in Southeast Louisiana. Can’t get to us? Inquire about our Mobile Notary Services by calling 504-410-3110.

Drivers License and State Id Renewal

In and out in 15 minutes with a brand new ID! Our friendly staff at the Notary Shoppe, the best notary public in Louisiana, will make this process painless for you!

Last Will and Testament

We can draft and prepare your Last Will and Testament according to your individual needs. We understand the importance of creating a will, so we work hard to get this done quickly and professionally


At the Notary Shoppe we can prepare and/or notarize any affidavit. Come in to get your paperwork started or simply bring in the paperwork you need to be notarized.

Bill of Sale or Act of Donation

When providing an Act of Donation both the donee (receiver) and donor (giver) will receive original copies for their records. You do not need to be related to make a donation.

Power of Attorney

Preparation and/or notarization is available for any power of attorney: durable, banking, medical, minor, real estate, vehicle. We pride ourselves as a notary public that can also prepare legal documents quickly and professionally!

Mobile Notary

If you cannot make it to us we can come to you. One of our professional Notaries will come to your hospital, nursing home, home, or place of business. Please call 504-410-3110 to schedule a mobile notary appointment.

Categories of Services

Vehicle Notary Services

We offer a wide variety of vehicles notary public services that will allow you to skip the DMV! Some of the services we offer include vehicle title transfer, license renewal, handicap hang tags, registration renewal, personalized plates, boat registration renewal & more. Our friendly staff and swift process will make you swear off the DMV forever.

family in car happy due to notary public vehicle services

Legal Document Preparation

We offer and an extensive line of services that allow us prepare legal documentation for our clients as well as notarize them right after. We realize that our clienteles’ time is very valuable to them, and that’s why we love killing two birds with one stone! Please take advantage of our extensive list of legal documentation preparation services!

Notary Services

In addition to our specialized services, we serve primarily as a local notary public to Southeastern Louisiana. If you want a document notarized fast, we offer 6 different locations with long hours. If you can’t come to us, we also offer mobile notary services! Let us provide you with convenient and friendly service to get this chore done.

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  • Deborah A
    I go to the Notary Shoppe to get things notarized. I've been applying for my medical license and I needed a bunch of documents notarized. I called around and the Notary Shoppe is a convenient place for me to get that done. They're pretty cheap - at $10 per document - so it's better to take your business there rather than go to some of the law offices that require you to have an appointment in advance, then waste your time, before they legally rob you for $15 per document. You can walk in to the notary shoppe, and usually there isn't much of a wait, which is nice if you have places to be. They also do title transfers and other things here that may come in useful for me some day. They have great hours so people can go after work too without having to rush. They don't take cash (I bet they'd rather not get robbed), but they take debit, credit, and probably money orders, so you'll be straight. Five stars for the Notary Shoppe!
    Deborah A
    Review from Yelp
  • Amelia R.
    These Guys (and Gals) seem to be a little hidden treasure of Notary-ing. The office sits in the unassuming strip of storefronts just across the street from the Tchoup Walmart. I've had to use them 4 times, and each experience has been quick and no-nonsense (although one time I did have about a 20 minute wait, but that's because there were almost a dozen of us needing to get our notarizing on), but still friendly and professional. Next time you need a title change or notarized letter for application of a birth certificate, this is the place.
    Amelia R.
    Review from Yelp
  • Shane Duplaisir
    This is the best place including all of their 7 locations to get your auto title transfers done without having to go the the DMV. Ms Paula and the rest of the staff are extremely helpful and pleasant to work with. Also, if you need your drivers license renewed (or a duplicate/address change), you can get in and out without the DMV wait time and they are even nice enough to let you see your picture (and take a different one) before they print your ID or Licenses. I would highly recommend getting your notary and DMV needs handled here before spending the day at the DMV.
    Oh wait, did I mention that they are open Monday through Saturday from 9-7 for those people that don't want to, or can't get off of work to go to to the DMV. They are by far a better option than any other place in town and they have a convenient location in Houma. 100% approval rating in my book!
    Shane Duplaisir
    Review from Facebook
  • Brooke Collins Baker
    This was the BEST time I have had getting my license, with the exception of when I got my very 1st one, a very long time ago! The woman on staff was super friendly and I was in & out within 20 minutes and on a Saturday. It is so awesome I am bringing my mom and fiancee back with the next 2 weeks to get theirs renewed too!