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license plate ideas

License Plate Ideas in Louisiana

Need license plate ideas? If you’re looking to add a touch of personality to your vehicle, personalized license plates are the way to go! At any of The Notary Shoppe’s five locations, we offer a wide range of specialty plates issued by the Louisiana Department of Motor Vehicles, allowing you to customize your ride toRead More

Louisiana license plate sticker renewal

Louisiana License Plate Sticker Renewal Everything You Need To Know

Is your Louisiana license plate sticker going to be out of date soon? That means you approaching the renewal date for your Louisiana vehicle registration. Whether you’re seeking to understand the importance of license plate stickers or looking for a stress-free renewal process, The Notary Shoppe has you covered. Louisiana residents need to keep theirRead More

how to get louisiana real id

How To Get a Louisiana Real ID

It’s time to get your REAL ID, Louisiana! If you are planning on entering a federal facility or traveling by airplane after May 2025, you must have a REAL ID. This form of identification is more secure than the standard license and will be federally required in 2025. We’re happy to help you secure yourRead More

legal act of donation in louisiana title card hand signing paper

Legal Act Of Donation in Louisiana: What You Need

Making a donation to a loved one or a favorite charity is a big decision. Protecting the donor and the donee (the recipient) requires a notarized Act of Donation in the state of Louisiana. This form gives legal proof of the change of ownership, and states that no money was exchanged for this change inRead More

How To Get Your Louisiana State ID Renewal | Title held in hand

Louisiana State ID Renewal – What You Need To Know

We renew Louisiana State IDs fast! At any of our 5 locations you can get your Louisiana State ID renewal complete in just minutes. Before you arrive there are a few things you need to know to make your renewal process run as smoothly as possible. Before You Arrive, You Need To Know This: Get ARead More

Do You Need A Bill Of Sale For Boat And Trailer?

Louisiana residents are required to get a properly notarized bill of sale for boat and trailer. This makes the sale or purchase of the boat and trailer legally official. Plus, a bill of sale is necessary for proof of ownership. You must get a bill of sale within 40 days of the purchase as requiredRead More