Do You Need A Bill Of Sale For Boat And Trailer?

Louisiana residents are required to get a properly notarized bill of sale for boat and trailer. This makes the sale or purchase of the boat and trailer legally official. Plus, a bill of sale is necessary for proof of ownership. You must get a bill of sale within 40 days of the purchase as required by the state. Getting a bill of sale is quick and easy at any of The Notary Shoppe’s locations in the Greater New Orleans area. Here’s everything you need to know about the process:

papers being signed | To get a bill of sale for boat and trailer in Louisiana visit any location of The Notary Shoppe

Why Do I Need A Bill of Sale for Boat and Trailer In Louisiana?

You need to get a bill of sale for a boat and trailer in Louisiana within 40 days of the purchase or sale as required by Louisiana law. This document needs to be signed in front of a notary public, then they can officially notarize the document. Having a notary sign off on your bill of sale proves that the sale is official and prevents future disputes over the ownership of the vehicle.

Without a bill of sale you will not be able to legally prove the transfer of ownership of the property. It is important to protect yourself from future potential legal issues by getting a notarized bill of sale quickly. A title transfer will likely also be necessary. Learn about vehicle title transfers at The Notary Shoppe.

A boat in the bayou | To get a bill of sale for boat and trailer in Louisiana visit any location of The Notary Shoppe

What Documentation Do I Need?

You can find the bill of sale document that will be filled out from the State of Louisiana website. At The Notary Shoppe we will provide this documentation for you at any of our locations. In order to properly notarize this document we will need the following:

  • Both buyer and seller must be available together at our location at time of signing.
  • Both buyer and seller should bring proof of ID, like a state drivers license.
  • Provide boat registration number, make, and model.
  • Provide boat hull identification number (HIN)
  • Provide brand name and serial number of motor if applicable.
  • Provide price for both boat and motor separately.

Seller will assure that there are no mortgages, liens or encumbrances of any kind against the boat or trailer sold.

Please keep in mind that you may also require a title transfer for the boat and trailer. When a title transfer is required please also ensure that the current title and proof of insurance is brought to our location at time of signing.

With all of these things prepared we can quickly get your bill of sale and title transfer completed. Both buyer and seller will receive proper copies for their records.

Who Should I Call With Questions?

If you have any questions about documentation or bill of sale requirements please call The Notary Shoppe location you plan on visiting. Our staff will be happy to talk you through the process and any questions you may have. Because every sale is different you may require other services see our whole list of offerings here or ask your Notary for more information.

How Quickly Can I Get A Bill of Sale for Boat and Trailer?

At any of The Notary Shoppe locations we can provide a notarized bill of sale in just minutes with all proper documentation as described above. With unique sales, other documentation may be needed as described by the notary at time of service.

The Notary Shoppe assists all of our customers in a first-come-first-served manner. When you arrive you may sign in, or describe to our Notary the nature of the services you require. If there are other customers, you may have a short wait as we assist in order of arrival. Processing a bill of sale takes just a few minutes and we hope to get you in and out as quickly as possible.

How Much Does A Notarized Bill of Sale Cost?

A notarized bill of sale at The Notary Shoppe can be as low as $25 for a simple transaction. For more complicated services, or when combining services (like a title transfer, or other services) it will likely cost a bit more.

Each transaction is unique and may cost a different amount depending on what services are used. For a more detailed quote for your transaction please call any of our Notary Shoppe locations. Please keep in mind that we may require seeing the documentation in person in order to give you an exact quote for our services. Because of this it is important to be prepared for slight variations in our quote on the phone and in person.

A boat in a marina | To get a bill of sale for boat and trailer in Louisiana visit any location of The Notary Shoppe
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