Louisiana State ID Renewal – What You Need To Know

How To Get Your Louisiana State ID Renewal | Title held in hand

We renew Louisiana State IDs fast! At any of our 5 locations you can get your Louisiana State ID renewal complete in just minutes. Before you arrive there are a few things you need to know to make your renewal process run as smoothly as possible.

How To Get Your Louisiana State ID Renewal | Hand signing paper

Before You Arrive, You Need To Know This:

  • You can not get your first LA state ID through The Notary Shoppe. Instead get your first time ID directly with the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles.
  • Bring your old ID and proof of address in order to renew.
  • Proof Of Address includes: One Primary Document (birth certificate, or passport) or two secondary documents (Insurance policy, payroll stub, title to property in Louisiana). Full list of proof of address options can be found here.
  • If you have misplaced your old state, your social security number is needed to retrieve your records.
  • We will take a new ID photo at your appointment, so be ready to have your picture taken.

Get A Louisiana State ID Renewal

Come by any of our five locations for a quick and easy way to renew your LA state ID. This process typically takes 15 minutes. You will need to bring in your current ID, proof of address, and we will take a new ID photo of you at our location.

Please be aware that all The Notary Shoppe locations are first-come-first-served. This may mean that your visit can take longer than 15 minutes if other guests are in line. We may not be able to renew your ID if you do not come prepared with the proper documents.

What About A Duplicate ID?

How to get a new state id in Louisiana – Lost your state ID? You don’t have to worry – we can create a duplicate ID in no time. When you have lost your ID you will still need to prove your identity with a proof of address as described above. Then, you will also need to provide us with your social security number to allow us to look up your ID.

Can I Do This To Change My Address?

Just moved? If you have recently moved within the state of Louisiana and you need a new state ID with your new address, we’ve got you covered. Just bring in your previous state ID for Louisiana, proof of your new address, and be ready for a smile! We’ll need to take your photo for your new state ID for Louisiana.

I Have A Suspended or Flagged License. What Can I Do?

The Notary Shoppe can issue a first-time state ID for people who already have a Louisiana State Drivers License, even if that license is suspended or flagged. We will need all of the documentation described above. Please note we can not renew a drivers license if you have a suspended, revoked, or flagged license.

Can I Get My Real ID in Louisiana?

YES! The Notary Shoppe can provide Real ID. Real ID Louisiana acts as an extra level of proof of your identity. Starting in May 2025 all Louisiana residents will need a Real ID for accessing federal facilities, entering nuclear power plants, and boarding commercial aircraft. Essentially – if you need to take a flight, you need to have a Real ID.

In order to get your Real ID you will need the following:

  • Original (not a photocopy) birth certificate or current passport
  • Original Social Security Card
  • Proof of address/residency as described above
  • Current ID
How to get your louisiana state ID renewal done | hand signing paper
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