Mobile Notary

We understand you may have a busy schedule and cannot make it to one of our locations. As our customer, we will send a professional notary to you (hospital, nursing home, or any place of business). Not only do we notarize documents, but we can also prepare those documents on site. Please call (504) 410-3110 to schedule a mobile notary appointment.

More About Our Travelling Notary Service

As a local notary public in Southeastern Louisiana, we saw a need among our customers for a travelling notary service. Since establishing this service we have served clients all over the New Orleans area to notarize legal, financial, vehicle and real estate documents.

By providing this service it is our goal to not only offer those who are not physically able to come to the Notary Shoppe with notary services, but we also wanted to fulfill the need of busy individuals who do not want the hassle of travelling to a shop.

At some point most people will need the signature of a notary, and even in cases where it is not absolutely needed, it can be a wise choice to notarize a document. For that reason the Notary Shoppe created a business to serve as a local notary to those who want fast, friendly and convenient notary services.

When you choose the ease of travelling notary service, the value and convenience of our service pays off. We will work with your schedule to provide a travelling notary where and when you need them.

If you have any questions feel free to give us a call or contact us via the form below.