Bill of Sale

At The Notary Shoppe, we provide quick and painless notary public services to officiate sales and bills of sale. A bill of sale is REQUIRED when selling a car in Louisiana. Other items also require this documentation. Additionally, a general bill of sale can be used for any item that you need to legally prove a change of ownership. We make it as easy as possible to draft, sign, and legally notarize your documents.

What Is A Louisiana Bill of Sale?

A bill of sale is a document that makes a transaction between a seller and a buyer legally official. Some items, described below require a bill of sale in order to legally transfer ownership in Louisiana. This is important for both the buyer and the seller. Because this documentation is often for high-value items a notarized bill of sale in Louisiana proves the change in ownership. This protects the seller by confirming the date on which the item was sold. For the buyer, it legally proves that the property is now in their possession, not the original owner’s.

The actual bill of sale document contains:

  • Name and signatures of both the buyer and seller
  • Product Information
  • Sales date and price
  • A signature of a licensed notary
  • Other information as necessary depending on the item

Please see an example of a bill of sale here. This document can be filled out at your leisure, or you can fill out your Bill of Sale at any of our locations.

How Do I Get A Bill of Sale in Louisiana?

At any of our Notary Shoppe locations, we will provide the document and official notary stamp for proof of the transaction. Just come ready with the proper details listed above about the transaction to speed up the process. You may need documentation about your car, boat, or other item. Read on for more examples of information you may need.

We make this process as easy for you as possible. Please make sure to contact us prior to your visit to ensure you have all documentation needed for your unique bill of sale. We highly recommend calling the location you’re planning on using before arrival. Our staff can inform you of any expected wait times because we are a first-come-first-served business. Our staff can also make an estimation your cost based on your unique needs.

For any in depth questions, or if you prefer email please contact us through the following form.

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What Items Need This Documentation?

A bill of sale legally proves a change in ownership of any item. This protects both the buyer and previous owner so there is no confusion over the date of purchase or dispute who owns the property. A bill of sale is required for high-value items like cars and other vehicles, and can be helpful for other smaller items as well. Below is a non-exhaustive list of items that can need a bill of sale in Louisiana.

  • Car, truck, motorcycle, or other motor vehicles
  • Boats, Boat & Trailer
  • Firearms

While not required for all purchases, this documentation is a good business practice for anyone selling high-value items. For example it is not legally required in the sale of a horse in Louisiana, however this is a good practice in order to protect the buyer and seller. Other items that don’t necessarily require a bill of sale but should be considered by both the buyer and seller include livestock, and any high priced items.


Do I Need A Bill of Sale for my Boat And Trailer? Link to blog post about this topic photo of a boat

What Information Do I Need?

When filling out this documentation you will need several pieces of information. Below is a general guideline of what to expect.

  • Seller – You will need to supply the seller’s name and another piece of identifying information like the sellers address.
  • Buyer – Similarly the buyer will need to supply their name and an identifying piece of information like their home address.
  • Property – You will need to describe the item (or property) that is being sold. Different items have different requirements listed below. In general this section is used to ensure that there is no confusion over what is being sold. Identifying characteristics like a car’s VIN number are used to ensure accuracy.
  • Property Location – this describes the exact location of the property listed on the bill of sale.
  • As-Is – If a buyer is agreeing to purchase an item “as-is” they agree to purchase the item at its current state at time of sale. It may be helpful to list any specific characteristics that require an as-is sale to protect the buyer.
  • Gift – if the item is being given to the recipient for free this must be stated on the bill of sale. This documentation is needed for gifted items to prove the change in ownership and is necessary for items like cars in order to properly title the vehicle.
  • Signature – Both the buyer and seller must be present at the same time to sign the paperwork in front of the notary. The notary must witness the signature, you can not bring in a previously signed document for notarization.

Additional Information Needed: Motor Vehicles

When buying or selling a car in Louisiana you will need a “movables” bill of sale. Any of our locations can provide this for you. The major changes that are made to this document are the following:

  • Detailed vehicle information including:
    • Make
    • Model
    • Year
    • VIN Number
    • Color of vehicle
    • Odometer reading at time of sale

Please note that the person buying the car will also need to have the vehicle title transferred. All Notary Shoppe locations are able to complete this service.

Additional Information Needed: Firearms

For the sale of a firearm in Louisiana you will need all of the basic bill of sale information. In addition you will need basic information to identify the gun. This includes

  • Caliber
  • Make
  • Model
  • Serial Number
  • Information on defects, or “as-is” information
  • Inclusion of any accessories such as a holster or case

Buying or Selling Aircraft in Louisiana

While the state of Louisiana does not require a bill of sale for aircraft, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) does require this documentation. The FAA documentation can be seen here. It is federally regulated that this documentation must be properly filled out for the sale of an aircraft. If you are selling an aircraft please make sure to call your Notary Shoppe Location in order to ensure that we are able to complete your documentation as needed.

The Notary Shoppe is here to support all of your notary needs. Our staff is highly trained and can help you process your paperwork properly. We hope to see you at one of our locations soon!