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If you need to create wills in Louisiana for yourself or with your spouse, you’ve come to the right place! The Notary Shoppe is able to help you create your last will and testament at any of our five convenient south Louisiana locations. We understand the gravity of making a will and we know that your choices matter. Our staff give special attention to our our clients that use our services for their wills. We know that we can help you create a legal will at a significantly lower cost than alternatives.

What You Need to Know About Making Wills in Louisiana

The complexities of a last will and testament should not be overlooked. This document explains in detail how you would like your assets or property to be distributed after your death. Learn more about what a will is, and what it can do here. A will is a legal document that covers several different forms in order to prove that this is the wish of the testator or testatrix (the person who the will is for).

At any of our locations our staff is well equipped to help guide you through this process. We must strictly follow all of the statutory laws in order to assure that the will is legally binding. Though this is a sensitive process for many of us, a will is a great gift to your loved ones. Not only does it secure your legacy after your death but creates an easier transition for your loved ones, knowing that they are able to follow your explicit wishes.

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What Information Do I need To Get A Will in Louisiana?

There are many pieces of information that you will need to provide to create a will. Before you arrive at The Notary Shoppe please make sure that you have all of this information. Without these details we will not be able to process a legally binding will for you. You will need the following pieces of information to create a will:

  • Basic Information on the testator or testatrix (the person who the will is for).
    • Testator or testatrix name (as it appears on their license or ID).
    • Their social security number.
    • Their current address.
  • Marriage information – Are you divorced, widowed, single?
    • If you are divorced or widowed, when did this occur?
  • Children’s information
    • You must provide the names, birth dates and last for digits of SSN for any and all children.
    • The same information should be provided for any adoptive children.
    • Are any of the above children above the age of 24? If so who?
    • Are any of the children physically or mentally impaired? If so who?
  • Additional Information
    • Anyone who you wish to provide for on your death you will need their name, birthday, and last four digits of their SSN.
    • Appointing an executor. If you would like to appoint an executor you will need their name, birthday, and last four digits of their SSN. For an alternate executor please provide the same information.
  • Asset information
    • Provide specific information on your assets and how they should be distributed to the people listed above.

Please take the time in advance to download and fully complete the following Last Will And Testament Checklist to the best of your ability.

Download Last Will & Testament Checklist

How Is A Will Prepared In Louisiana?

With all of the information provided above we will be able to assist you in creating a legally binding will in Louisiana. We will provide the paperwork for you and assist you in filling out the documents to ensure that they are filled out correctly. Once we have ensured that the will is correct, we are able to notarize the will for you. Without notarization, a will is not legally sound.

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Before You Arrive

If you have any questions about the process of making wills in Louisiana, please do not hesitate to give us a call. If you prefer you can email us by filling out the contact form below. The Notary Shoppe is proud to serve our local Louisiana community since 2002. We have five locations across Southern Louisiana and are happy to help you with sensitive matters such as your will. The Notary Shoppe also serves our community with other notary services including a Mobile Notary, and OMV services such as license renewal.

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