Special Plates

Personalized license plates make for a fun way to show off your personality on your vehicle! We can issue or order almost any special plates offered by the Louisiana Department of Motor Vehicles. A personalized license plate or special plate can appear in many different ways that can be seen in person at any of our six locations.

Before you get your special plates make sure you follow these steps. Your vehicle must adhere to the following guidelines for The Notary Shoppe to be able to grant the special plate, as required by the Louisiana OMV.

Guidelines for Personalized license plates / Special Plates:

  • The vehicle must be properly titled and registered in your name. Please bring proof of title and personal identification.
  • Bring in your current vehicle registration and be able to verify vehicle info.
  • Certain Special Plates have specific qualifications and eligibility requirements, we are unable to grant these plates if you are unable to meet the qualifications or eligibility requirements. Please call ahead if you need more information and to see if you qualify for the plate you’re looking for.

Please note the following:

Special plates can be issued to cars, trucks (up to 16,000 lbs.) and motorhomes. There are also some special plates available for motorcycles. Vehicles outside of these guidelines may not get a personalized license plate from The Notary Shoppe. Some fees will apply for special plates.

At The Notary Shoppe, we’re pleased to facilitate many of your OMV needs including License Renewal, Title Transfers, and more! We also provide Notary Services including Mobile Notary and Last Will and Testament. We’ve proudly served Southern Louisiana since 2002 and are locally owned and operated.

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