Vehicle Registration Renewal

Is your vehicle’s registration almost up or already expired? We can issue your new sticker and registration on the spot. That means no waiting around at the OMV, no checking the mail, just in-and-out service. When you need to renew vehicle registration, there’s no better place than The Notary Shoppe! There are three ways we can assist you with your vehicle registration, at any of our five South Louisiana locations. We make the the process quick and easy, plus you can combine our services as you need to get all of your notary errands completed at once!

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Easy Vehicle Registration Renewal

At the Notary Shoppe, we’ve got you covered every step of the way for vehicle tag and registration renewal. At our five local Notary Shoppe locations, we renew and print the new vehicle Registration and Sticker. Having an up to date registration is required in the state of Louisiana – so ensuring that your car is registered is critical! When you need to renew your car registration you will need to provide two things in person at any of our offices:

  • Up to date Louisiana driver’s license
  • Up to date proof of insurance

Our staff will ensure you are able to renew your registration at time of service.

When Do I Need To Renew My Registration?

Residents of Louisiana that own a vehicle must renew plates and registration every two years in order to stay up to date and legally registered. Typically, several weeks before your registration expires, you should get a notice from the office of motor vehicles informing you that you need to update your registration. You can also check the date on your current registration and the sticker on your license plate to see when your registration is coming up. This process is made easier at any of our locations. When you arrive for your service, you’ll leave with your updated registration and your sticker for your license plate!

Change of Vehicle Registration Address

When you move it is imperative to update your vehicle registration information. You need to bring your proof of insurance and we can update your Registration within just a few minutes. You will also want to bring in two proofs of residency to confirm your new address. While you’re here we are able to update your drivers license with your new home address as well.

Two proofs of residency can look like:

  • Mail addressed to you at your new address
  • Utility bill with your new address
  • Financial statement with your new address
  • And Many more… Have questions? Call your location today!

These documents must have the same address in order for us to be able to use them as proof of address for your move.

Get A Duplicate Registration

Did you lose your vehicle registration? The Notary Shoppe can easily print a duplicate Registration. All you need to do is bring in your proof of insurance and a state-issued photo ID. We’ll be able to look up your registration and print your new registration printed in a matter of minutes. When you arrive you will need to inform our staff that you are looking for a duplicate registration, not a registration renewal. Likewise, if you need a duplicate sticker for your car, we are able to provide that service.

Please note:

All Notary Shoppe locations are first-come-first-served. It may be helpful to call before you arrive to estimate your wait time and to ask about fees, especially if you are combining multiple services. Our staff is highly trained and knowledgable and can help solve many of your OMV and notary needs. Click here to see our locations and hours. If you are arriving within 30 minutes of closing time we may not be able to begin your service if there is an existing line of customers.

Where Can I Renew My Vehicle Registration?

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We offer five convenient locations in Southeastern Louisiana where you can renew your registrations. See our locations for business hours. We look forward to renewing your vehicle registration quickly and easily. We also offer many other OMV services like License Renewal, as well as notary services all in one stop! Getting your vehicle registration renewed at our locations is quicker and more convenient than using the Louisiana OMV.

Have More Questions? Ask any of our staff today! Please ensure you call the location you plan to use for your service. You can see all of our locations, phone numbers, and maps on our locations page.

Can I Get License Plate Stickers Here?

Yes! When we update your registration we will also give you the sticker for your license plate. Please ensure that you properly adhere the sticker to your plate as soon as possible after your service. Ask us about our specialty license plate services! The sticker on your license plate makes it quick and easy to show that your registration is up to date you so you aren’t surprised by any fines or tickets!

What If My Registration or Sticker Is Expired?

Renewing an expired registration is possible but may have a fee. Please call ahead with any details to ensure we are able to help you with your expired registration. We will do our best to get you registered!

My Registration Sticker is Lost or Stolen, What Should I Do?

When you lose your registration sticker, or it is removed from your license plate you must have it replaced as soon as possible. This helps to protect you and prove that your registration is valid and up to date.  This is easy at any of our locations and is the same process as reprinting a duplicate registration. Please arrive with your license, up to date registration, and your proof of insurance in order to reprint your registration sticker.

The Notary Shoppe is a family owned OMV Service and Notary Service provider. At any of our five locations you’ll find highly trained and knowledgable staff who is ready to help you! Please note that our services may be difficult to price over the phone due to the highly custom nature of the service. Our staff will provide the most accurate quote for your visit in person.