Legal Act Of Donation in Louisiana: What You Need

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Making a donation to a loved one or a favorite charity is a big decision. Protecting the donor and the donee (the recipient) requires a notarized Act of Donation in the state of Louisiana. This form gives legal proof of the change of ownership, and states that no money was exchanged for this change in ownership.

Why Do I Need Legal Proof of Donation?

Getting a notarized Act of Donation is legal proof of said donation. In other words, a written Act of Donation form certifies that the item or property was transferred freely without any form of payment in return. This protects both the donor and donee over any disputes of ownership in the future.

The state of Louisiana does not require an act of donation form for some donations but it is still a good choice. A form of donation proves the intent of the donor to give the item for free, and establishes the donee as the new owner when properly notarized.

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What Needs An Act of Donation Form?

Any item of value that is being donated should get an Act of Donation form to protect both parties. However, different types of donation forms may be needed depending on the item. You can donate many things including:

  • Vehicle
  • Real Estate
  • Stock

Do We Need To Be Related?

While the donation we most often see is an automobile or property donation between family members, you do NOT need to be related to donate an item of value. A donation can be between any two individuals, or an individual and an organization like a charity.

What Is Different When Donating A Car?

The donation of a movable object like a car requires an act of donation form like this one. Forms are subject to change, please obtain latest form at any of our locations. Once the vehicle has been donated the recipient will need to have this form in order to transfer the title. The Notary Shoppe can perform both the act of donation and title transfer at the same time at any of our five Louisiana locations.

Get An Act of Donation Notarized in Louisiana:

The Notary Shoppe can create an act of donation form at any of our locations. Having two witnesses with you will expedite your service. First, please call your location in advance to ensure best service. The Notary Shoppe is a first-come-first-served business. Importantly, our services take differing amounts of time, and we want to serve you promptly. Calling ahead of time allows us to ensure you have everything necessary to fulfill your service and get you on your way quickly.

  • We will get you the correct act of donation form for your item and help you fill the form.
  • Bring with you all information about the item to be donated.
  • Bring two witnesses to expedite your service.
  • After the form is filled the donor, donee, and two witnesses sign the form.
  • Notary Shoppe’s licensed notary officiates your document
  • Both the donor and donee get an original copy of the form at completion.

Finally, feel free to call us or email us about any questions you may have about notarizing or drafting up documents.

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