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You’re giving a gift that matters. Make sure you’re covered legally with a properly notarized Act of Donation form. At The Notary Shoppe, we pride ourselves on providing swift and hassle-free notarization services. Staff at any of our five locations can assist you with all your donation documentation needs, ensuring a seamless process from start to finish.

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Why Get an Act of Donation Form

A properly notarized act of donation form is your legal form of proof that an item was donated from one individual to another. This is especially important for large ticket items like cars, or property. An act of donation form that has been properly notarized states the exact item and date of the donation. This then proves the new ownership of the item on the date of donation. Having legal proof of your donation is important not only for your records, but for tax purposes, and proving who owns the item on a particular date.

What Items Need An Act Of Donation Form?

In the state of Louisiana movable property must have a notarized act of donation. This includes cars, motorcycles, boats, or any other movable property. An act of donation form may not be required for other items but can still be a useful condition in the donation in order to protect the donor and the recipient.

What Information Do I Need For An Act of Donation form in Louisiana?

The act of donation form is simple, you will need:

  • Make of the vehicle
  • Model of the vehicle
  • Year of the vehicle
  • VIN number

On the form you must also state the relationship between the donor and the recipient. This is required by the state as information to contribute to evaluating if a donation is legitimate. Using an act of donation form to cover or obstruct what is really the sale of an item is illegal.

Other Details You Must Know

A legal donation can only occur between people of legal age, or between a person of legal age and a company or organization. Only a movable property that has a clean title (it is free from encumbrances like bail, arrest, etc) may be donated. The donor must fully own the property, for example, a car that is not yet paid off can not be donated. The owner of the vehicle must fill out the documentation for donation. Two witnesses as well as a notary must be present for the form to be completed properly.

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Act of Donation: A Gift That Matters

When it comes to preparing an Act of Donation, we understand the significance and importance of the transaction. Whether you are the generous donor or the grateful recipient, we ensure that both parties receive original copies of the donation document for their records. At The Notary Shoppe, we believe that acts of kindness should be acknowledged and preserved, regardless of any familial relationship between the donor and donee.

We Make It Easy For You

Performing an act of donation with Notary Shoppe is a breeze. All you need is a simple form, which lists the donor and donee, along with basic information about the donation. We will have the form available for you in-store making the process straightforward. Once the form is completed, it will be signed by both parties involved and two witnesses.

Rest Assured with Our Licensed Notaries

At Notary Shoppe, we understand the importance of ensuring the legality and authenticity of your donation document. That’s why we have a team of licensed notaries who are dedicated to officiating your documents. Our notaries have undergone rigorous training and possess the expertise necessary to ensure that your act of donation form is filled out properly to protect both the donor and the recipient.

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

We encourage you to reach out to us with any questions or concerns you may have regarding notarizing or drafting up an Act of Donation document. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are available to assist you, whether by phone or email. We understand that time is of the essence! So if you wish to expedite the process, we recommend bringing two witnesses with you. However, if you are unable to provide witnesses, we can assist in finding two for you, although it may slightly prolong the process.

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