License & ID Services

Are you wondering “where can I get a state ID near me?” or you need your license renewed? At the Notary Shoppe we provide a quick and easy way for you to replace your license and/or state ID card at any of our 5 locations. Here are just a couple of things you need to know before coming into the Notary Shoppe for renewing an expired drivers license.

What You Need to Know:

  • Every 6 years, your driver’s license expires on your birthday.
  • Bring your old license or I.D. and proof of address in order to renew.
  • If you have misplaced your old license or I.D., a social security number is needed to retrieve your records.
  • A license or ID being obtained for the first time must be done directly through the Office of Motor Vehicles.
  1. Louisiana State I.D. Renewal
    Come by the Notary Shoppe for the quickest and easiest way to renew your Louisiana driver’s license/I.D., typically finished within 15 minutes. Please be prepared for a renewal photo.
  2. Duplicate Louisiana State I.D.
    Have you lost or misplaced your license/I.D.? We’ve got you covered. No need to wait hours, our fast services will have you in and out in no time!
  3. Change of Address
    Have you recently moved or have an old address on your license/I.D.? We can update that in no time! Most parishes require two proofs of residency. Bring your current proof of insurance, and a smile, for a new picture!
  4. Other I.D. Services
    Is your license suspended or blocked/flagged? As long as you have a Louisiana driver’s license on file, a first time State I.D. can be issued in no time!

Instances When You Cannot Renew Your Driver’s License”

There are instances in which you may not be able to renew your license. Most commonly known issues are:

  • Suspended Driver’s License
  • Revoked Driver’s License
  • Flagged Driver’s License

*Need proof of insurance if you have a vehicle in your name


* The deadline for the REAL ID has been changed to 05/03/2023

people signing papers at desk | Wondering where can I get a state ID near me? or need a license renewal? The Notary Shoppe can help!